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Welcome to Ash

Our teachers are Mrs Hodgson and Ms Roff

Wow Ash have had a great time recently.  We have been learning all sorts of fun things!  Did you know that there are special words to do with circles?  The diameter is twice the size of a radius!  We loved finding out about this in our maths lessons and put our learning to good use at Ufton court for an interactive maths afternoon.  We definitely needed our powers of teamwork and thinking skills.

We also worked hard together to build our very own Stone Age roundhouse out of big tree trunk pieces of wood, and some rope.  The Stone Age people would then have covered the roof with reeds and bracken to make the roundhouse as dry as possible, and filled in the walls with stones.  This was a great problem solving task and we were so pleased to finally work out how it all went together.

We've been learning about how creative and clever Stone Age people were, how they lit fires, the tools they made and how they built amazing things like Stonehenge.  We had a go at making our own clay pots.  They looked much easier to make than they actually were!


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