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Welcome to Ash

Our teachers are Mrs Hodgson and Ms Roff

Spring Term 2020

Authors in the Making!

Ash have been enjoying reading ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindell in English lessons. The story has been scary, exciting and very dramatic! Now Ash have picked up their pencils and planned and written their own versions of this amazing story – with some brilliant results!

As the sun rose, Ivan woke up and took a breath. He looked out of the window and could see a sparkle of the sun. This is wonderful Ivan thought. The colourful parrots flew over the sky. Jack Cl

So Ivan kept on plodding slowly through the dark, mysterious jungle. Ivan felt quite thirsty so he scrambled to the waterfall and gulped down some fresh water. Adelaide

‘Maybe,’ the man replied. His voice got much louder now. ‘You must go to Starjik’s land and throw these poisonous leaves into his face!’ Lily Rose

One early morning, Ivan’s mother woke with a shriek. Ivan’s little brother, Peter, had been taken by Starjik’s creatures and would never be seen again. Henry

The next morning, Ivan found an abandoned castle. He went in to explore but it had nothing in it. Jenson

In Science we are finding out about forces – what they are, where they can be found and different types of forces. We have loved using magnets and finding out which magnet is the strongest! We are now learning about friction and how it can be useful … and a problem!

Our times tables are now whizzing along, and we are all enjoying moving our pegs on the Class Caterpillar, and the Times Tables Rockstars. We are able to measure things accurately – with cm and m and are getting better at changing from one to the other – including km.

We are just beginning to think about our production which we will do next term, so watch this space for more exciting updates!

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