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Welcome to Oaks

Our teacher is Mrs Webb.

We started our year  by visiting the Oak tree in the car park and gazing in wonder about how a tiny acorn could grow into such a large Oak tree. An inspiring way to start our learning for the year!

We talked about belonging, to our families to our school and our class, as well as other clubs and sports teams. A good opportunity to refresh our understanding of  the SUN school code.

Who do you live with? What is your house like? What is it made from? These are some of the questions we asked to help us learn about our houses. We drew them, made clay models of them and talked about them. The artist Paul Klee inspired us to create abstract house pictures using shape and colour for affect after we studied his famous picture, Castle and Sun.

Our visits to Ufton Court enabled us to investigate houses from different time periods, such as, an Elizabethan Manor House, Celtic Round House and a Viking Landing Tent.

The Three Little Pigs and the Big bad Wolf was the basis of our writing and we had some very exciting alternative telling of the story! In science we investigated which material would be the most waterproof for the Little Pigs to build their houses from. We made the houses ourselves and then tested them. A visit from one of our parents who is a roofer gave us an insight to how to build a roof as well as all the different materials a roof can be made from.

The highlight of our terms work was a visit to Windsor Castle but sadly her majesty was not at home! We came back to school and made our own versions of the castle. 

We joined the rest of the school by celebrating harvest at our church, St Marys. Oak class stayed on to tour the church, learning about baptism and being part of the church family. 



Oak Class Learning - Summer 2021

To find out a little more about the learning that has been occurring in Oak class this term, please open the PDF document below. In normal times we would hold sharing assemblies with children presenting their learning to parents but as this is not possible currently, we hope this gives you a flavour of the learning opportunities taking place. 

A day in the life of Oak Class

Please open the document below to see what Oak class have been up to this term.

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