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Welcome to Oaks

Oak Class Autumn 2021

Our teacher is Mrs Webb.

Mrs Kearney, Mrs Singleton, Mrs Perry and Mrs Smith also work with us.

We started our year by visiting the Oak tree in the car park and gazing in wonder about how a tiny acorn could grow into such a large Oak tree. An inspiring way to start our learning for the year!

We talked about belonging, to our families to our school and our class, as well as other clubs and sports teams. A good opportunity to refresh our understanding of the SUN school code.

Our topic this term is all about toys.

We had a teddy bear picnic at the start of term. We made our own sandwiches which we then took to the Quiet Garden to eat with our teddies. We had quite a surprise when two real life bears appeared!

Toys in Space by Mini Grey has been the class text and has inspired our writing. The alien has lost his cuddly toy Cuddles. We have written some wanted posters and we were very glad when he was found.

Learning about baby toys was exciting as baby Clemmie came to visit and showed us her toys.

We really enjoyed our visit to church and we learnt a lot about the church and the church yard.

We will soon be visiting Reading Museum and taking part in a Victorian Toy workshop.

November 2021: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will hurt my heart’ We explored how words can hurt our feelings and our hearts. We then put heart stickers in our shoes so we can walk out in love and kindness.


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