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Welcome to Sycamore

Our teachers are Mrs Hyde and Mr Jordan.

We are fully engrossed in our Space topic at the moment.

We have learnt all about early astronomers, Copernicus and Galileo and their important contributions to our understanding of the solar system. We have employed our maths skills to create a scale model of the solar system, using different sized spheres and toilet paper! Check out the pictures to see the amazing fact files we created about the 8 planets in our solar system.

Art has been great fun this term; we have studied the art and methods of artist, Peter Thorpe and created our own space-themed artwork. We think you’ll agree the results are pretty eye-catching.

French has also been space-themed this term. We have read about the planets and learned where different adjectives sit in French sentences. Impressively, we have also written metaphor poems, and compared and described the planets – all in French!


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