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Welcome to Sycamore

Our teachers are Mrs Peopall and Mr Jordan.

The children have made a great start in Sycamore and they have all helped me settle in quickly and feel very welcome. Thank you J

I am really looking forward to working with all the children and being part of the SUN team.

Our English lessons are based on the story Rose Blanche, which is set in Germany and our guided reading text is The Lion and the Unicorn, which is about evacuees in England.

During PSHE, we have worked in teams to build the tallest paper tower in ten minutes; luckily the sellotape helped prevent some from tumbling over! We have discussed how it is important to try and work out a resolution when there is a conflict and we have played games to help us understand this.

Our topic this term is WW2 We have already learnt why the second world war started and have enjoyed a geography lesson when we used play dough to represent the invasion of Europe from German! We discussed why Germany invaded the countries in a certain order.

We had a fabulous morning when we were evacuated to Ufton Court.  Having arrived at their new destination in the country, the evacuees learnt how they would have been scrubbed and deloused to get rid of anything 'nasty' from the city! Much laughter was had when the evacuees looked at artefacts from WW2 and tried to work out what they had been for. They discovered how gravy granules were used to paint ladies' legs to replace stockings and how one bar of soap would have been used not only to wash clothes and human bodies, but pets' bodies too! The evacuees experienced an air raid mid morning when they entertained themselves with some WW2 games (ask them how to play Odd/Even!) The morning ended with our evacuees learning a few steps of the Jitterbug and the waltz!  Thank you so much for all the fabulous costumes and authentic WW2 packed lunches; it was really appreciated. 


Please have a look at the photos below to see what we’ve been up to!


Sycamore Class Learning - Summer 2021

To find out a little more about the learning that has been occurring in Sycamore class this term, please open the PDF document below. In normal times we would hold sharing assemblies with children presenting their learning to parents but as this is not possible currently, we hope this gives you a flavour of the learning opportunities taking place. 

Sycamore Learning Journey

Please open the document below to see some of the work Sycamore class have been doing this term.

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