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Welcome to Oaks!

Our teacher is Mrs Webb. Mrs Lyon, Mrs Perry and Mrs Smith also work with us.

We started the New Year by learning all about La Fete de Rios and how to make a Gallete des Rios. Emmanuelle and Remi told us about the traditions they follow when celebrating Epiphany. Families make this tasty cake. A tiny favour is hidden in each cake. The person who finds it becomes King or Queen for the day. 

For art during Spring term we worked with clay. We have made pinch and coil pots. The concentration and attention to detail was amazing!

Oak class learnt about the Easter traditions in Ukraine. They decorate eggs called Puysanka. We got to taste the cake called Paska. Our  RE lesson was taken by two teachers from Ukraine who explained what celebrations and customs take place. It was interesting to learn about the similarities and differences between the two countries. They have Clean Thursday just before Easter, a chance to give their houses a very good Spring clean! To help learn about the Easter story we made Easter Gardens with Acorn class. They had a cross, an empty  tomb with a stone roll away and flowers in. The Polish and Ukrainian wooden Easter eggs inspired our art work for these Easter cards.

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