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Welcome to Sycamore!


Our teachers are Mrs Peopall and Mrs Whitaker, and we also work with Mrs Brown

In Sycamore, the children really show they're now the oldest in the school, as they demonstrate fantastic attitudes and learning behaviours. We encourage collaboration, independent learning, and a willingness to try and fail! 

As a member of Sycamore, there are many roles and opportunities offered to the children such as House Captains (Y6) , School Councillors, members of the Green Team and planning and delivering Junior Worship to KS2. This year we have been delighted that so many children have put themselves forward for these roles - it takes real confidence to write a speech, plan a worship and talk articulately in front of a large group of people. Well done!

In the autumn term, our English lessons are based on Rose Blanche, a story set in World War 2. We have explored in detail the character of Rose, her feelings and have written diary entries and setting descriptions.

During PSHE, we have worked in teams to build the tallest tower in ten minutes; it was incredible how creative the teams became! We have discussed how it is important to try and work out a resolution when there is a conflict and we have played games to help us understand this.

We have all become fully absorbed in learning about World War 2 and are continuing to develop our history skills. We have taken part in a parliamentary debate and discussed whether a policy of appeasement was the right decision by Chamberlain.

In science, we are exploring electricity and investigating what happens to circuits when we change a variable. We have recognised the need to use universal symbols when drawing diagrams of circuits.

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Meet the Teacher Presentation

Here is the presentation from the Meet the Teacher meeting September 2023

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