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The Peter Hobbs Library

During 2022, we have developed our incredible Peter Hobbs library into a space where children can read for pleasure and just enjoy a good book. Children enjoy reading their favourirte books in a range of nooks and crannies within our library space; with new furniture, new books and a range of books donated through our Reading Wish List for National Book Day 2022, children can find the book they donated, and see their name inside the book, reminding current and future pupils of their love of reading!

Peter Hobbs was a member of our local village community who supported our school.

Outdoor Learning Spaces

We have created some incredible learning spaces in our wonderful outdoor areas. We have currently in development our Psalm 23, Lord is My Shepherd quiet garden ; a thriving pond, full of wonderful wild-life in our Oak outdoor area; our new outdoor planting area behind the Acorns building; adventure playground; story circles and outdoor learning den.

Ghanaian Drummers

We had a wonderful visit from a group of drummers from Ghana who were able to visit our school and share their incredible and insprational skills and rhythms

Alter Ego Drama group - Internet Safety

In November 2022, we had a visit from Alter Ego to teach KS2 all about online safety through drama...

SUN Internet Safety musical

At SUN an internet safety team came in to tell us all about internet safety. In their own words, which was very unexpected, they created a musical comedy. The key things that we learnt were not to cyberbully; Dotty-the main character- taught us not to show our school uniform online and to not use your real name in any account information. Also, they taught us that a virus is a very, nasty bug that creates fake accounts and steals any personal information! Plus, you should tell a parent/teacher or any adult you can trust if something worries or scares you and if there is something that you don’t like online. We thought it was a really great and hilarious performance. Over all, they taught us everything we need to know about internet safety in the funniest way they possibly could!

By Minnie and Chloe.                                             

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