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Art & Design at S.U.N School

We are proud of our aspiring artists at S.U.N and we give every child a wide range of opportunites to show their creativity in discrete Art & Design lessons to teach the skills and through other cross curricular opportunities across the school.

What our pupils say...

"The freedom of your imagination; I like taking a break and having some drawing time." AP

"I like it when it links with our other learning, when we were learning about rainforests, we painted and drew things from the woods." EJ

"I love art because I have creative freedom." ES

"I think art is very creative and a way to show your skills." MP

"My favourite methods are painting and drawing; I've learned how to use shading." MS

"Making owls out of dough has been my favourite project!" EJ

"I really enjoy it...nothing is ever wrong in art." SC

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