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Physical Education at S.U.N

All children at S.U.N take part in at least two hours of PE each week, with additional time to improve their overall fitness with a daily mile, and optional after-school clubs available. Our physical and mental health is incredibly important to us, and we encourage all children, regardless of ability, to enjoy a range of sports, games and skills based around the fundamental skills of agility, balance, co-ordination and fitness.

As with all our foundation subjects, PE runs on a 2-yearly cycle to ensure optimum coverage and opportunities developed for all.

A cricket coach who recently worked with our children commented: 

"You should be immensely proud of the engagement and effort of your children, they are a credit to you and your school".

What our pupils say...

"I give P.E. 10 out of 10." JH

"I like getting tired out in P.E." AF

"We get lots of exercise in PE, it's fun!" RL

"Rounders and benchball are my favourites - it's enjoyable and good for our health." KD

"Cricket, catching, football, running, benchball, rounders, alien tag, basketball & rugby...those are some of the sports we love in P.E." Ash Class

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