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Alien crash

Take a look at what we got up to during Science Week!

Science Week - 14th June 2021


An Alien has landed at SUN!

When we arrived at school on Monday, something very unusual had happened... there was the wreckage of an alien spaceship on the field, and mysterious green footprints across the playground! This was just the start of our very busy and exciting science week at SUN. The alien needed our help to survive the hostile environment of planet earth, and the children were ready with some great ideas.

Oaks made special slime shoes to reduce friction and enable the alien move about more easily. Acorns designed and made 'gravity-copters' as an alternative mode of transport for the alien. Ash received a very important request from the Institute for Investigating Possible Alien Life (IIPAL) and had to work creatively to keep samples of alien blood frozen! Sycamore investigated the viscocity of slime in order to keep the alien on the move, away from possible earth predators.

The children developed their 'Working Scientifically' skills this week; questioning, observing, measuring and recording results, presenting data and explaining what they found. It was a fantastic week and the best news was that our alien made it safely home in time for the weekend with a little help from the children's awesome rocket designs!

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