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Take a look at what we got up to during Science Week!


Science Week - 16th March 2023

This week was British Science week, the theme was  'Connections'. We started with an assembly exploring the theme and all the different connections that we see for example, between children in school, connections in our bodies, different animals or electrical connections. We talked about the skills a Scientist needs, like curiosity, perseverance and patience. A great way to demonstrate our vision and learning behaviours! 

On Thursday we had a school challenge, to get a message in a film canister from Acorns to Ash, from Ash to Oaks, from Oaks to Sycamore and then from Sycamore back to Acorns. The message could not touch the ground between the classrooms though! There were some amazing ideas, including robots and drones! Acorns made boats, firstly thinking about which materials float and testing their ideas. The boats carried the message using our pipes and stands, which the children set up and used, taking some from the back and bringing to the front to get all the way across the playground. It was wet but fun! 

Oaks had to roll theirs to Sycamore, some people used cardboard rolls, some people used the Acorn trikes and scooters, and some even used duplo to make rolling carts to carry the messages.  Some of the Oaks children used a pulley system, and others rollers using drainpipes. 

Ash class made parachutes, they had to decide which was the best material to use, then design and make their parachutes. They let them go from high up on the hall gym bars and into a box  under the watchful eye of Oak class! 

Sycamore discussed all the ways they could solve this problem and then designed and made catapults. The children demonstrated them to Acorns by catapulting the messages across the playground. There were lots of different very complicated designs. Acorns were very impressed! 



Science at S.U.N

At S.U.N, Science is a stimulating and exciting way for our pupils to investigate the world. It promotes pupils’ curiosity about and work the world around them through learning the knowledge and skills to think scientifically. Biology, physics and chemistry are the fundamental scientific areas taught through engaging and exciting topics from EYFS to Year 6, building progressive scientific skills and knowledge to prepare pupils for future learning and investigation to inspire our scientists of tomorrow. 

What our pupils say...

"I love science because we investigate and explore." BM

"Active exporation." TG

"Science learning is about lifecycles, light and sound, inflating things and making potions!" Ash Class


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