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Preparing Children for Life in Modern Britain: British Values at S.U.N

Here at our brilliant, happy, vibrant school, we are proud of how we promote British Values in our school community.

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Democratic School

  • We vote for and elect our School Council, Green Team and House Captains.
  • We listen to our learners’ opinions, encouraging them to consider the opinions of their peers, and promoting the use of joint decision making within tasks they perform.
  • We asked all the children in school what they wanted S.U.N Primary School to be like – their vision of the school. These ideas played a huge part in creating our whole school vision in 2022.
  • We decided together our Learning Behaviours of creativity, curiosity, resilience and integrity.
  • We can speak to or write a letter to our HT at any time and she replies back after speaking with her staff. Our last success was gaining a new notice board for all our House Captains to share news about competitions, points and ideas.

Rules of Law

  • Each class has their own class rules to learn. These are decided by the class for the class.
  • We all adhere to school policies

Individual Liberty

  • In school and class we are encouraged to ask for anything because we don’t fear people saying no.
  • We have class discussions frequently and we encourage our learners the freedom to respectfully share their thoughts and opinions.

Mutual Respect

  • We respect others no matter how we look, or what gender we are; what needs we may have or what race or religion we are.
  • We respect the different preferences of our peers.


  • We respect and acknowledge that people in our community and children in school celebrate different religious festivals. We regularly learn about these during our Collective Worship.
  • We encourage tolerance by teaching about different religions and traditions
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