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Welcome to Ash!

Our teachers are Mrs Hodgson and Mrs Street.

In Autumn term, Ash Class have their annual Independence Week, where the children are encouraged to complete a series of topic tasks using their own initiative. You can see how this year's went in our diary below!

Independence Week

Monday 8th November 2021

We have had our first day of independence week, working in houses to complete tasks.  So far, so good - art aprons have been worn, line guides have been used, watercolour pencils have been deployed, saws and sandpaper have been used .... what great fun we have had!  Keep an eye out for updates all week this week.

Tuesday 9th November 2021

Have a look at the photos below.  Already, our independent skills are improving.  We are helping each other and thinking for ourselves!

Wednesday 10th November 2021

We collected our work together this morning and we were surprised to see how much we have produced already.  The parent gallery on Friday will be FAB!

Thursday 11th November 2021

We worked really well today and have all nearly finished all the different activities. We are looking forward to sharing them with you tomorrow.

Roman Shields

Also in Autumn term was our Roman topic. Our epic Roman shields were a highlight!  Look at our fierce and menacing Roman Legionaries!

In December we made Christingles.  We have learned that the orange represents the world, the ribbon the blood of Jesus Christ, the four sticks, the four corners of the World (or the four seasons), and the candle the light of the World.  Brilliant work Ash.

We really enjoy getting active in our creative PE lessons! Here we are trying out gymnastics.

Respect week

Our fun-packed, odd-socks-wearing Respect Week has been another highlight. 

We had a great time writing emotion words into an outline of Sophie!  We wrote positive feelings on pieces of paper and covered all the bad emotions up. We also worked hard to produce a class Mexican wave of kindness, to show how the ripples of kindness can spread.  Enjoy the short video below!

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